Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 23 2008

Today was a gorgeous day. The temp at the house when we left was 69 degrees! The temp at the barn is always a little cooler and usually with a breeze. I got Sinwaan groomed and tacked up and put on his red boots today as I was hoping to put in some mileage. His leg wound from yesterday looked better, seemed to be healing up well so I didn't worry about it.

Matt and Levi accompanied me today in the pickup truck, as Matt was wanting to test out his new tripod. He got some nice footage of us on the trail (See below). As I was leaving the ranch I could hear gun shots and I knew right then that it would be a short ride today. Most people do target practice at the top of Cache Hollow after the HILL. I would have to pass them to continue to Kinnear and I didn't want to risk it. Sinwaan is ok from a distance but doesn't care for guns up close, and frankly, neither do I. Especially riding alone.

Sinwaan did well for me heading away from the barn, better than last season when he wanted to test me by stopping every so often. He kept a good pace, alternating between walking and trotting. When it was easier footing we cantered or galloped. We went up to our usual turn around point for a short ride, about 2 mi.

Heading home Sinwaan fought for his head as usual and I turned him around and made him trot back uphill when he would really test me. Otherwise he was well behaved and a joy to ride. What a day!

I could not believe all the traffic on the road today. Cache Hollow is closed this time of year so there shouldn't have been anyone at all (including me?) but I had at least 8-10 vehicles (mostly trucks) pass us. A few I had to remind to slow down and all but one were polite. I also passed two guys hiking uphill. That was an oddity because they didn't seem like they belonged out there. They appeared to be teen stoner-types. Walking?

Well we had a good ride and put in an easy 4 miles. I forgot my HR monitor today but plan on taking it out my next long ride. I need to start keeping track of his recovery time since March is right around the corner. I fed him his grain and got a look at the new stallion on the ranch upon our return.

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