Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17 2007

Happy Fathers Day today! Matt and Levi and I went out to breakfast with gma KP and cousin Debbie. Then we came back to the house and changed into our horse attire while Matt, Levi and Matt's dad watched a F1 race on tv. Mom and Debbie and I headed out to the pasture about 11 am and thankfully it was not raining. Earlier in the morning it looked like it was threatening to spit upon us and while we were there it was really windy, but did not cause us any problems.

We got Sinwaan and Justice out of the pasture without any difficulty and groomed them and tacked up. I left Sinwaan in his halter and we led them both out to the arena. I helped mom mount up and Justice was better today about not walking off once she was on board. He was testing her constantly by stopping and trying to lower his head. I brought Sinwaan in and he tried to sidestep away from the mounting block a few times but finally Debbie was mounted up and I led her around at a walk so she could experience some riding time today as well. When she was done, I put the bridle on Sinwaan and rode him shortly but KP was getting a little frusterated with Justice so I traded her horses. Sinwaan was his usual lazy self (even with all the wind) and pulled a few stops on mother dear while I wrestled with Justice. I wish I knew better how to school him. I think if I could ride him more he would straighted up and be fine. I know he is good in crazy lighted night parades and he is pretty good on trail rides but the arena work sours him.

When mom was done riding we traded horses again and she stood and held Justice and gabbed with cousin Debbie and I rode Sinwaan around and did a lot of cantering today, it was exhilerating. Yesterday we had spent the day in Olympia with Matt's uncle Steve who is into training horses so I had been watching some horse training videos and one of the topics was getting your horse to change his lead while cantering. So I thought Sinwaan was on the wrong lead and I applied what I had seen in the video and I am not positive, but I think it worked. I will have to work more on that later. I did a lot of trotting as well, and some sidepassing and really enjoyed my ride today although it was over entirely too fast.

We walked the horses back to the barn and gave them their ration of grain and carrots and apples and put fly spray on them and turned them back out into the pasture. Then we got Ollokot out and brought him up to the barn. I groomed him quickly and brushed his mane and tail and picked out his feet. He anticipated and lifted the first fore hoof for me which was awesome, did great with his rear and then when I went to the other side he gave me a little trouble just by moving away but soon had that done and I am so relieved with how he has improved since the first few times I tried to pick out his feet. Then it was time to fly spray him. The wind worked in my favor today as the big water guns were on in the pastures and every so often the breeze would bring over some water droplets that felt a lot like the way I imagine the fly spray feels. So he was twirling around me to get away from it on the left side but once I went to his right side to spray he stood there and didn't move a muscle. What a good boy! He did so awesome. We gave him his grain and carrots and apples and took him back out to the pasture and that was the end.

Driving home mother got a phone call on her cell from Matt wondering where we were. I asked her the time and it was almost 2 pm. I could not believe how fast the time flew by today.

The weather was high 60s today and it was just gorgeous.

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