Friday, April 30, 2010


Well on Wednesday Sinwaan got his vaccines. The vet came out and gave them. He got a Ft Dodge WNV and a Prestige 5-way.

The next day at noon Cindy noticed him walking funny. Doug told her to wait to call me and by that evening when she haltered him to take him out for a grass snack he looked ok again.

Friday morning he was walking funny again so she called me. I got out as soon as I could, about 1 pm. Sure enough, he was moving very oddly. Very slow, and putting his front legs out wider than is normal. Also stumbling a bit. Kind of what I've heard laminitis looks like. Well I was freaked out so I called the vet clinic. They were booked but if I brought him in they would get to him when they could. Since the weekend was coming up I wanted to have him seen during normal business hours.

Doug and Cindy were very kind and trailered him down for me so I could get back to work. The next hour and a half went by slowly and I was having a hard time getting much done. After work I went to the clinic and they thought they would see him at 4:30 so I left to do some errands. I came back and the vet was able to examine him while I was there. Well they put him through a number of neuro tests and he passed every one of them with flying colors! He looked completely normal to me. His temp was normal, heart rate was good, nothing out of the ordinary. While I was relieved, I was also very frustrated! I prefer to have an answer, but that was not the case. Doug and Cindy came back to pick him up and monitored him all weekend. I went out on Saturday to see him and groom him and pick up his paddock a little. No riding for me this weekend. Whatever the deal was, I figured he could use some extra rest.

I got a lot of feedback on both the PNER list and endurance ridecamp and the general consensus seems to be that it most likely is a reaction from a vaccine. Since he got both it makes it hard to narrow down what exactly he is reacting to so next time I will give them separately, if I give the WNV at all.


The Equestrian Vagabond said...

just a thought:
Your horse got the 5-way, which I believe is Tetanus toxoid, EEE, WEE, influenza, & rhinopneumonitis, and since your vet gave it, he probably recommends that. but maybe you don't need all those? like the influenza and rhino...?
I always just give the 3-way (no influenza and rhino), plus the WN. He'd have less to react to, especially if he doesn't REALLY need all those.
(But then, I'm no vet and maybe I should be doing the 5-way.)
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Shana said...

I appreciate the feedback Merri. On one hand I feel like my horse needs to be up to date on everything since he travels around to all the rides. On the other hand I have to wonder if we aren't pushed into over-vaccinating for the sake of the almighty dollar.