Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Official Results - MRRT

Well I decided to check out the AERC site tonight, and what do you know the MRRT results are already posted! We did place 37th out of 41 (two tied for 40th) with a ride time of 4:43 which is our slowest to date and our lowest placing to date but hey we did it and it is great to be back in the saddle!

I think it is most important not to ask more than my horse is capable of, and I also strive to have longevity and completion my priorities. So far Sinwaan has not been pulled from a ride. The last ride we technically never started due to the trailer leg injury. Our very first ride we were over time (and did an extra 3 miles). Other than that it has been 100% completions. To me, that is more important than a Top Ten, although I'd like to aim for those eventually too.

Today Chad came out and reset his shoes. We are good to go. I am hoping to get in a nice long ride this weekend. Having Mother's Day in the mix could complicate things. It is kind of a personal struggle for me to not spend Mother's Day as a mother. But there has to be "me" time too, especially since Sinwaan had last weekend off.

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Lara said...

Ofcourse you deserve time for you silly :)