Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Troubles

Went out tonight to ride and Kittee was ready for me. Dale was not feeling well so did not go. I groomed Sinwaan and gave him a carrot. Checked him over and saw a small injury to his left fore. Looks like his rear shoe clipped the side just above the coronet. Checked his rear and he looked a little beat up back there but nothing fresh. I used my endurance saddle pad again with the rear packs since it was still set up that way from last time.

We rode across the mini creek and up the steep hill into the harvested pea field. Such a glorious evening! We did some trotting and cantering and just had a wonderful time riding up the moutain in the dirt. The horses enjoyed an occasional munch of wheat straw as well. When we came back down, I asked Kittee about the time. She thought we had sun for another five minutes. I didn't think about it then but she was wearing sunglasses. I asked her if we had time to then go up Cache Hollow Rd a little ways and she thought sure. We trotted the horses up a fair amount and then walked for awhile and then let them rest, I would guess about 1/2 mi up. We talked a little bit and then thought we heard Dale calling for us. We turned then and trotted most of the way back down. We saw no sign of anyone. As we pulled back into the ranch we saw Dale sitting in his chair. He had not come out looking for us so it is a mystery as to who the voice in the trail belonged to.

After I untacked Sinwaan and was doing my post-ride groom and check, I noticed he had a bloody spot on each hind fetlock. It is like he is clocking himself with his new shoes. I put some corona on them and made a mental note to call the farrier. This is only the second time I have ridden since his new shoes. I think his hind shoes may be heavier now to try and prevent the overreaching he does. Apparently it is solving one problem and creating a new one. I am freaking out and paranoid and hoping to find a solution to this in the next couple of days.

I also was able to rub his back to check for soreness and found none. That was at least good news. Another carrot and back out to pasture he goes.

Tonight Ollokot was there close to the fence so he got a bite of carrot also and some pats. He seemed taller tonight.

* * * * * * * * *

On a different note, our team t-shirts came yesterday in the mail. WAHOO! They look awesome, they fit great. Well mine does, Lara's is a little tight through her shoulders but will do. Here's a pic.

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