Thursday, August 9, 2007

August 8 2007

Well I was supposed to ride today after work but seeing how I was throwing up and running for the toilet, I had to cancel. YECH! Earlier this week Matt thought he had gotten some bad chicken but apparently it was the flu, and now I have it.

Here is Olivia's recount of the ride last Saturday. :)

"Okay, the first thing you should know is that I'm a really novice rider. I ride horses about twice a year. Well, I went to visit my sister, Lara and she wanted to take me riding. Because I am a beginner I was going to ride Sinwaan. He really is a well trained, easy going horse despite what happened. At first the group (me, Lara, Shana, and Hope) were just walking and trotting, but Sinwaan started loping and I did okay. Now, here comes the fun part, we decided to lope some more and every thing was going fine. Then all the horses sped up into a gallop. Still fine. I was in the rear and Sinwaan started gaining speed. I was getting a feeling that I should ease up a little, so I took my hands of the pommel to slow him down, but that didn't exactly happen just as I lifted my hands Sinwaan turned around in mid stride to bite at his butt for some reason. Well that threw me way off balance, I was literally riding on the side of the horse. I knew I was going to fall eventually so I kicked the stirrups and sailed through the air along side Sinwaan for a few seconds before I hit the ground. After I hit the ground I screamed partly because I didn't know if anyone saw what happened and partly because I was surprised I was on the ground. Luckily for me I fell in the grass not the gravel. I did get a little cut up from the grass, but it wasn't too bad. After I fell I tried to get up, but I couldn't move. I was dizzy and sick for a little while, but I did get back on Sinwaan. I got a sprained wrist, slices from the grass, and a pulled muscle in my side, and it could have been a lot worse. I still had fun on the ride and I still think Sinwaan is a good horse. I guess when you get on a horse you have to realize you might fall off. "

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Lara said...

Aw, she never said anything about her wrist :( poor thing. Glad she had a good time anyway. LJ