Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 28 2007

Tonight I went out to the barn to gather up saddle pads that need washing before the big day, but I also brought Sinwaan in and let him munch on his alfalfa/grass blend hay while grooming him. We have been easing him into the hay diet so he will be able to handle the change over the weekend at the ride, where there is no pasture. Once he was "clean enough" (ie, he could really use a bath but that happens Friday morning) I led him out to the pasture and Matt got some side shot photos for me so I could use them as a reference to learn conformation. I put some fly spray on him and turned him back out to pasture. He took off running as fast as he could go across the pasture, through the gate, and to the other end of the second pasture where the other geldings were. I was worried he would slip and fall with all the wet grass (the water guns were on) but he did just fine and it was really a sight to behold.

I also finally connected with my farrier and we talked about some things and decided I will use my boots at the ride and once I get back I will make an appointment with him to come out and try to fix the problem. By then Ollokot will be due for a trim again anyway.

We leave Friday morning! Probably no more posts from me until we return from THE RIDE. :)

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