Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decision Time

Well today was the last day to observe Sinwaan before deciding if we would be making the trek to the Camas Creek Canter in Potomac, Montana.

I have been religiously going out twice a day to soak and hose down his legs and reapply the oiuntment to both help him heal and to keep the flies off his banged-up knees.

Thankfully, Cassandra Berube was out to the barn to work with some other horses there and Cindy offered to trot Sinwaan out for her to get another opinion. Cassandra has completed Tevis and understood what I was up against in making this decision.

I got the phone call at work and saw Cassandra on the caller ID. I held my breath, but knew deep down what she would say. She hesitated and told me she had some sad news.

Trotting straight, she said he looked sound but as soon as Cindy turned him to the left she saw a misstep. So she asked for the same thing again. Sound going forward, and another misstep to the left. She then took the lead and lounged him in a tight circle to the left and it was obvious to both of them that he was lame.

I had felt some heat in his left fore that morning when I was out to soak his legs, so I was already thinking I wouldn't be taking him, but I hadn't trotted him out.

Cassandra related to me that Cindy had told her "you be the one to call her, I'm not delivering the bad news!" Ha ha. I had to laugh over that, and assured both of them that it was really not the end of the world for me, I wasn't surprised at their conclusion.

I am appreciative to everyone who has come by and looked at him for me and offered advice and support. Thank you all, I love you ladies! :)

Oh, and I quit the team. Call me superstitious but this is the third ride this year that hasn't worked out since I joined a team. There are still a handful of rides I could try for. Here's hoping...

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