Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30 2007

Today Dale and Kittee gave us a ride to the indoor arena at the fairgrounds to ride with the NWQHA. For the first 30 or 45 minutes we were the only three riding so we had it all to ourselves and that was nice. Then a gal showed up with a cute little young gelding and rode him around and then the last forty minutes or so a group of four or five other riders joined us.

Today I worked on Sinwaan's transitions again after warming him up and he is doing better when I ask for the canter. We took a break for about 10 minutes after an hour of riding and then we finished out the time slot. The chute was open today for the horses who go in for steer wrestling so I walked him in there and he didn't like it, he got out of there fast so I backed him in and made him stand there a minute and then told him "lets go!" and he picked up the canter pretty fast to barrel to the other end. We did that about three times, then the last time we did it I walked him out. He got more comfortable with it as time progressed but he still wasn't in love by the time we left. We also did some side-passing, first against the fence and then later in the center of the arena. He moves better one direction than the other so we will keep working at it.

Kittee and Dale brought Derby and Nugget today and Derby is doing much better loading up in the trailer and Kittee is enjoying riding him.

It was a nice day to be riding and it felt good to be back on a horse. After the first hour of riding, however, I could tell it had been two weeks because I got sore pretty quickly and my thighs felt like jelly.

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