Monday, September 3, 2007

After the Ride

Last night we went to check out the exhibits at the Fair and I just had to call my auntie Kim. She was excited to hear from me and anxious to hear how Sinwaan had done on the ride. When I told her he had scored all A's she said "Awesome, he CAN do it, now send him back!" HA HA. She was very proud and it was great to talk with her.

Today mother is in town so this morning we went out to groom horses. Mother got Ollokot and brought him in while I unloaded all the tack and misc stuff from my truck that I had taken to the ride. Then I went out and got Sinwaan. He was out in towards the back of his pasture but when he saw me coming he came at a brisk walk to meet me at the gate. That was sure a nice surprise. He seemed happy to see me. Awww...Led him up to the barn and started brushing, he appeared to be very clean still. I checked his feet and put on some hoof oil and gave him some apple flavored horse treats, which he just loved. He got a little spoiled today. Dale told me that the day after the ride in the pasture he was doing a lot of stretching, but today he was back to normal.

Ollokot had his one moment of pulling back which always makes me nervous but I tell him EASY in a calm low voice and he stops and was very well behaved from then on. Mother even applied his fly spray today and he gave her no trouble. I also put hoof oil on his feet after I picked them out.

Kittee came back in from a ride and said when she got up and saw Sinwaan in the pasture yesterday all she could see was the red on his rump and she was really worried so sent Dale out to check on him. They quickly realized it was just paint but did want to know exactly what was up with all his tattoos.

Now, Lara tells me I have to write about this on my blog. When we were camping at the Lakeview Ride they said to leave no-trace camping, pick up all manure and trash, etc. So I was running around shoveling up horse poop and putting it into the two black plastic bags that were on either side of the truck. Today Lara calls me and is very upset because she can't find her $80 riding pants or her team shirt, or her wet towels (we had each taken a sponge bath after the ride). I said well, where did you put them last? She said in a plastic bag. I said what color bag? She says black. I asked her how many black plastic bags she had around camp and she said just the two, one for her wet clothes and one for garbage. Uh oh. She thought we had left her clothes behind but I KNEW I had loaded two plastic bags into the back of the truck. I had also shoveled manure into both of the bags! So we dumped one of them out into my garbage can at home and sure enough out comes hay and poop and her missing stuff. EW!! She was relieved to not have lost her pants but her shirt (being white) was stained quite badly. She told me later it was a lost cause, so that is sad.

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