Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28 2007

Today I drove with Matt and Levi up Lincton Mtn Road to show them where I ride, and also to check the mileage. ALAS it is only 11.7 miles to the Tollgate Chalet. The rock quarry is about 2/3 of the way there at 7.9 mi.

We also drove the Kinnear road over to Cache Hollow and on the way down Cache Hollow at the 2 mi mark from the barn, we spotted some heads in the field. Was it a moose? A cow? I had to get out of the truck to investigate. As I did, the animals jumped up and we could see it was two Elk mommas with their young. They were huge, prob. 600 lbs animals. It was an awesome sight as they ran parallel to the road, and then came down and crossed the road in front of us and ran up the other side.

I just love all the wildlife in the hills.

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