Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slow 8 mi

Today I had arranged to meet with Kittee for my usual 8 mi road ride. The timing worked out fantastically, I was turning onto Stovall just as she was coming up on the intersection, so she was able to follow me to the barn from that point. Just after I made the turn I saw a movement and looked over out the passenger window to see a deer right up against the Suburban. It was fortunate that I wasn't a couple seconds later or the deer may have been in front of me. It nearly missed colliding with the broadside of my suburban and I saw it recover and bound back into the woods.

Kittee brought Derby along for the ride today and I think Sinwaan was happy to see an old friend. They used to be pasture mates when Sinwaan first moved here.

We headed out and it was pleasant to have a riding companion. We walked the first mile and a half and then took up trotting. Not too long after Derby saw something in the wheat and spooked into the road, it was not a bad spook and Kittee anticipated it, having seen what he was reacting to just before he did. I saw the color and thought the deer had been hit but Kittee said "no, it's a dog." Sure enough, hiding in the wheat along the roadside was a dead dog. So sad. I think this is the dog that I remember seeing trotting along the road's edge, headed down to get his little dog friend. I would often see them together.  The horses had a good look at it as we went by, but I am sure no one in a car would have noticed as they drove past.  We also saw some roadkill in the form of opossums in various places, and one flattened snake.

We went the same direction today as I had gone last time. We did some more trotting and then Derby's boot twisted so Kittee dismounted to fix it. At some point within that time frame Sinwaan pulled off for a nice long pee break. We did some more trotting. Then more walking.

Rounding the turn off of Mission Sinwaan picked up his stride and took the lead. Alternating walking and trotting we headed back up Froghollow. By the time we reached Last Chance, Derby was very tired. He was looking a bit droopy so we ambled home at a leisurely pace the last 2.5 miles.

Kittee seemed to enjoy the change in scenery and it is always nice to have a riding companion along. This week's goal of 16 miles was met.

I am not sure how this next week will work out. It looks like we have a lot of rain in the forecast, and Sinwaan is due to go  back in for his WNV vaccine. I am  hoping he does not react to that one, or we will be taking it easy next weekend.


feather light said...

Check in to the brand of vaccines he is receiving

I believe that my vet said that Fort Dodge is the best and least likely to cause reactions...

But if he is still having reactions they should also be injecting him with some form of benydryl or epi to help lessen the effects of reaction.

It is possible that he may end up with a full blown reaction given his previous experience and you don't want him going down not breathing.

falconfeathers said...

Great job keeping at it...up for 20 mile training ride this weekend?

Shana said...

Fort Dodge is what he had such a bad reaction to last year. He was stumbling all over the place and it really scared me. So I switched to a different vet that uses a different brand, and have been really happy with the new vet. I had not heard about benydryl or epi being injected at the same. I will ask about that next time.

No 20 mi ride this weekend. Only 8. :)