Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goal: Met

Today the whole family went to the barn. I, to ride, and Matt and the kids to do pooper-scooper duties.

I started out on my 8 mile loop, and about 4 miles in Sinwaan spooked at some brush that was a lighter color then the rest and lost my seat and went over his shoulder and landed on the road edge. The main pain that I felt was in my hand. I had not let go of the reins, and was not riding with gloves. As I was falling off I could feel the burn as the nylon zipped through my grip. I walked Sinwaan up to a low spot and remounted, and my hand hurt so bad. Within another mile or two we came across a tractor plowing the field and dust was billowing out everywhere. Nearly at the same time a hay wagon truck was coming at us in the road, so I had plenty to distract me from the pain in my hand. We got to a driveway and pulled over so Sinwaan could survey everything that was happening and he handled it well.

Thinking back, I believe this is the first time I have ever come off of him.

He tired out around mile 7 which I think is an improvement considering he already put in 8 miles a couple days ago. Progress is exciting!  Our tally for the week is 16 miles!

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