Thursday, March 26, 2009

Out at the barn

Monday I was home sick from work and starting to have cabin fever. It was a nice enough day so I decided to run a couple errands with Levi to get us both out of the house and into the sunshine. On our list of things to-do was to stop by and visit Sinwaan and feed him some carrots.

It was a busy evening at the barn. Jennifer had just left on Phoebe, I could see her riding out across the barren field. One of Garreth's owners was there with him in cross-ties, with a boom box blaring sound effects. Barking dogs, a crowd, fireworks, trying to desensitize him (I guess) as he is still a young horse.

We went out to Sinwaan's paddock and he had drug his salt block base over into the mud so I went over and put that back on his mat under the shelter and then dug his salt block out of the manure. Not sure if he will have any interest in it now but I couldn't very well leave it there.

Levi watched with great interest as I showed him how to feed a horse - it's tricky to feed a round treat on a flat palm!! I offered to let him feed a carrot a couple times but he was shy, or nervous, about those big teeth. He did want to pet Sinwaan and got in a couple of pats on his face and neck. Not sure if he'll be a natural little cowboy or not. "Sinwaan eat carrots mama!"

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Lara said...

Bet he was glad to see you! :) I dont get out to see Ima as much as I would like these days either :(