Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dirty horse

Well it's been ages but I finally got out to the barn today. I did not plan on riding, but with the current season being as it is, I figured Sinwaan would be a muddy mess and might enjoy a good grooming. So that is all I did. He stood behind his shelter, peeking at me from the crack as I cleaned his run, then when I came back in with a halter he finally did walk over to me once he saw my commitment at stepping into the MUD. Yuk. Silly horse. I was hoping he would save me that part. He sure has a sense of humor sometimes.

I opened up the barn doors and let the sunshine in, tying him up at the end so he could stand partially outside if he wanted to continue his sunbathing. It didn't take long and I was peeling off my coat! I was brushing him in just a t-shirt and it felt great. He was FILTHY. He had multiple knots in his mane again but after soaking with detangler I was able to get them loose. I spent the most time on that probably. His mane has grown down past his neck now.

I spent about an hour away from the house. If I had more time I might have been tempted to bathe him, but Matt wanted his turn outside on the motorcycle so I made my way home.

Maybe tomorrow I will get out there to work him in the round pen...? It will depend on the weather and the footing. It's still a bit too wet today even with all the sun.

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Christine said...

"I was hoping he would save me that part. He sure has a sense of humor sometimes."

You've gotta love it, don't you? My boy is exactly the same, even goes so far as to look disgusted when he has to walk back through the mud to get out of his paddock!