Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Mid-Day Mid-Week Ride

Well I was planning to ride yesterday after work but it was gray and rainy and wet and dreary and I thought surely Sinwaan would be all wet and it would just be miserable. So I canceled my ride. This morning I get an email from Dale saying "we missed you yesterday, we had a nice ride!" What?? I still am not clear if it was raining upon them or not. But glad to hear they enjoyed themselves. Tonight I had dinner plans and tomorrow we are planning to leave town ASAP after work, so my one chance for a ride this week was looking to be today at lunch. It had dried up and was looking to be a pretty day, so I took a looooong lunch break and headed for the barn...

Upon my arrival the sun was bright, and the air was fresh, and it was just a perfect day to be out enjoying nature. I was so glad for the break from the monotony of the computer. Sinwaan was not too dirty and it didn't take much to get him groomed and tacked up. I rode in my Wintec today because the breast-collar is still adjusted for it.

[Kim, the crupper did arrive today in the mail but I will need to clean and soften it before use]

We headed up Cache Hollow after a short visit with Dale. I had hoped for a 5 or 6 mile ride today but I was wearing a watch and knew I needed to be back to town by 3 pm at the latest. Time just wasn't on our side. We did manage a nice short ride of 4 miles, with me pushing him all the way up and him pulling me all the way home. He is a little barn sour, but he can sure move out when he wants to! So I enjoyed it and let him go as long as it was safe. We had a couple of canters/gallops and a LOT of trotting, both up and down the mountain, but down was nonetheless a much faster trot.

On the way up we had a deer come down one side, cross the road in front of us, and bound up the other side. The doe was large and lovely and flagged her white tail all the way up the hill. She was probably only 50' in front of us when she came suddenly from the brush on the right. Sinwaan did not spook, thankfully, because we were cantering along when I realized we were not alone. :)

It was a perfect ride and I was so glad to get one in this week!

Heading out, Dale gave me a DVD of the video footage he has captured of Sinwaan this spring. I am hoping to share the one of him going after the Morgans and causing his shoulder injury here soon.

Fast forward to 7:28 for the real action. The rest of the footage is horses meandering, etc.

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Lara said...

Cool I want to see the footage! LJ