Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8

Did another early morning 8 mile ride today, and met up with Heather. We passed a wood-chipper that was running but had no one operating it. Sinwaan moved out well and led part of the time. Heather thought she heard a loose shoe towards the end of the ride. I checked them when I got to the barn and maybe a hind is a little loose but not by much. Still, time to call the farrier and hold off riding until I can get them reset. He is overdue on the fronts anyway.


falconfeathers said...

ok girl-where is the RIDE/PICTURE story?
Also-I have saddles but not riding horse
You have horse no saddle. What kind of saddle would you want if you could get another one?

Shana said...

I have tried the Abetta endurance, and Australian saddles and don't like either. My Wintec dressage has worked well for both of us but it needs to be replaced. So what to try next? I am open to suggestions but limited in funding! :)

falconfeathers said...

Well, guess I sure wouldn't know...each to his own, I like my tucker plantation that I got off of ebay the bestest.

It looks like there are so many types of Wintecs too big price range there.

I guess you could ask people and try their saddles and some companies allow free trials.

Also what size saddle do you use? a 15? My endurance saddle was way too big of a seat for me and was miserable to ride in...

The problem with that though is that leather saddles seem to mold to the people that ride in them the most.

Although I don't have seems the type of saddles that allow you to add shims or whatever they are would be cool because...I am sorry...but horses change shape as they get conditioned or unconditioned...I mainly relied on sweat marks and back tenderness in the past...but there again...sheesh...could be the way you are riding...

Ok...I will shut up...I certainly am not an authority-