Sunday, January 9, 2011

Road ride

Today Ruth and Heather trailered out to where Sinwaan lives so we could all start out together for a road ride. We were anticipating very cold temperatures so I was dressed in an undershirt, t-shirt, two sweatshirts and my winter coat. Also a snug hat that fit under my helmet. As it turns out I was overdressed and started sweating not long into the ride, although my feet were still cold.

Sinwaan was really feeling good today (seems to be related to the colder temperatures) and ended up in the lead, or close to it, most of the 6 mile loop. He was supercharged and eager and set a nice fast pace for everyone. Ruth and Otto took turns playing leapfrog and riding in all different positions in the pack.
About a half mile from our destination, Ruth dismounted when we saw a herd of deer. There were at least 8 does and a buck not far from the road. Otto handled it well and Ruth decided to walk him the rest of the way as we cooled out all the horses.

We got lucky on our return, Doug was home and willing to take our photo. I just love how great we all look in this shot! All the ears are up! :)

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falconfeathers said...

Sinwaan looks like a snowball!