Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ride at the Fairgrounds

Today the Blue Mountain Riders had the indoor arena at the fairgrounds from 2-3 pm. I had called Heather to see if she wanted to join me. I think we were both excited about the prospect of riding.

The morning was beautiful, bright cheery sun, and all the snow melted - it was nice and warm. I drove out to the barn about 1 pm. I hooked up my Suburban to my trailer and had a problem with the trailer brakes locking on. I called Heather to tell her I was afraid I would have to cancel. By now the weather had taken a nasty turn and it was cold and raining big drops! I was so discouraged. I called Matt and he asked me if my headlights were on. Sure enough that was the problem. As soon as I turned off the lights the trailer brakes released. Not wired right! I called Heather back after checking to make sure I had blinkers and brake lights. She was willing if I was, so I loaded up and drove over to her place, taking it easy.

Because of the rain the roads felt a little slick and there were a couple times I could really feel the trailer pushing my truck but I just went really slow and gave myself plenty of room to stop for the intersections. We made it to the Fairgrounds on time to groom and tack up before 2 PM. It was still raining really hard and it was miserable outside so I was really glad to have the indoor arena to ride in!

Sinwaan was really well behaved considering he hasn't been ridden since October! His girth even fit in the same hole as before. He looks fat but I guess it's mostly winter coat. Awesome! We rode the full hour, doing a lot of trotting and a little cantering and walking. Sinwaan seemed to tire out a bit after the first half-hour but we kept going. Heather and I both agreed it felt great to be riding again! She tried out her new bridle that Ruth had ordered her. It was a great raspberry color and matched her jacket perfectly!

Dee Dee was also there today with both of her horses. I didn't really know anyone else. I counted 10 riders today and probably 12 horses.

At 3 'o clock when we went back out to our trailers the sun had come out and it had stopped raining. What a crazy day!

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