Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ride in the snow

Today's high of 21°F felt warm compared to the frigid temperatures we had been experiencing, so when I realized riding was an option today I got downright giddy. Ruth picked me up and we headed to Heather's to pick up the trailer. We had planned on picking up Sinwaan and bringing him back to Heathers so we could all ride together from the start. Hope opted out so we trailered Ruth and Heather's horses out to Sinwaan. New starting point!

There were flurries in the air as we tacked up. I had to readjust my stirrup length since my aunt rode last in my saddle. Mounting up, my seat was downright cold! We rode on down the drive and Sinwaan was acting up a little. The way he usually acts when he is being ridden alone. Barn sour? Tossing his head, prancing, pulling at the reins. Itching to go! Although my riding partners saw a different side of him today, I think it did help to have them along, yet I found myself in the lead part of the time, which is unusual for him. We walked a bit to warm them up and then did much of the rest of the ride at the trot along the edge of the road. At one point I could hardly see, the snow coming down was hitting me in the eyes. The scenery surrounding us was beautiful and I would not have traded that ride for a warm spot on the couch! My toes froze, my thighs and knees felt the chill of the air as we picked up speed and yet I felt overwhelmed by happiness. Yes, it's snowing. Yes, it's cold and YES I AM RIDING!

Ruth commented to me "You know everyone who sees us thinks we're crazy."

There was not much traffic to deal with, thanks to the weather I imagine. One person honked and spooked the horses a little. Otto had a misstep and slid a bit anther time. Yet all-in-all it was a wonderful winter ride. All I needed to complete the moment was a jingle bell. :) I checked the milage when I got home and we traveled 5.8 miles today on horseback. Not bad, maybe next weekend we can go farther.

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Lara said...

I am jelous that you were out riding, I think Jer would be jelous of the snow :)